Partnering for Change announces new website!

Welcome – and thank you for visiting our new website!  Partnering for Change is an evolution of Beyond Shelter’s Institute for Research, Training & Technical Assistance, which has provided leadership and training in Housing First/rapid re-housing programs for families nationally since 1988. Incorporated in 2010 as a separate, unaffiliated 501(c)(3) organization,  Partnering for Change will collaborate with researchers and policy makers, organizations and communities, to develop and test innovative program models geared to improving the social and economic well-being of vulnerable families.  The organization will also promote the dissemination of evidence-based approaches through education, training, advocacy and consulting to nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and grant makers.

Recognizing that complex, intersecting problems like family homelessness and poverty are best addressed by aligning and integrating existing resources and systems in new ways, Partnering for Change will work together with strategic partners to promote proven and/or promising program models and systems change approaches and develop, implement and evaluate new models and approaches, with a focus on initiatives that accomplish the following:

(1) rapidly integrate homeless families into neighborhoods and communities,

(2) serve homeless, formerly homeless and low-income, housed families and their children through integrated systems, rather than siloed ones,

(3) provide integrated community “safety nets” for at risk families and families in crisis,

(4) promote increased economic security and/or improved employment opportunities,

(5) bring proven housing and anti-poverty strategies to scale, and

(6) advance, and are grounded in, basic human rights, including adequate housing, income, food, education, healthcare, and necessary social services.

The organization will help to facilitate cross-sector dialogue and communication among non-profit service providers, foundations, and government agencies involved in health, mental health, child development, housing, child welfare, education, workforce development, and community development.  Additionally, we will periodically convene cross-sector “think tank” working groups around vital issues impacting chronic poverty and homelessness among families with children in the United States today.

Thank you to Joe Popp, our brilliant webmaster, for helping me learn to do WordPress,  and to Rebecca Tull for her amazing photographs!  This is also our first blog.  We will invite “guest bloggers” every few weeks – so be sure to check back in. (In fact, if you have something you want to say, please let us know!) Although the content on this website is still in development, it is guaranteed to be easily translatable for many levels of knowledge and experience – and will always be challenging to the status quo.

We welcome your comments – and hope to hear from you!
Tanya Tull, President/CEO, Partnering for Change