2012 AIA Webinar Series kicks off with Tanya Tull, Partnering for Change

On January 11, 2012, from 10:00-11:30 AM, the National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center (AIA), based at the University of California, Berkeley, will start the year with a webinar on “Program Strategies to Improve Housing Stability for Vulnerable Families.”  The focus of this presentation   represents a major goal of Partnering for Change – that the homeless services system in this country be reframed and reconfigured as a crisis response system for housing emergencies, intended to prevent families from falling out of housing, and to quickly re-house those who do become homeless. In that way, the homeless services system can more properly function as a complement to, not a replacement for, mainstream systems that are designed, and better equipped to address the causes and consequences of poverty among disadvantaged families.  Helping parents avoid homelessness or reconnect quickly to permanent, sustainable housing if they do become homeless is perhaps the single best intervention that child and family services programs can provide to improve outcomes for children. Not only does stable housing provide a strong foundation from which parents can care for their children, but parents are often more receptive to participating in intervention services for addiction, domestic violence, and mental health from a stable housing base.  The webinar presented by AIA offers a new approach to integrated services, in which housing issues are considered as vital components of service delivery and not relegated to untrained staff or an often outdated, online resource database or emergency phone line. The mission of AIA is to enhance the quality of social and health services delivered to children who are abandoned or at-risk of abandonment due to the presence of drugs and/or HIV in the family and the Resource Center provides training, information, support, and resources to service providers throughout the country who assist these children and their families.You can learn more about this webinar and others that are scheduled – and register online at 2012 AIA Webinar Series – info & registration . The presentation will also be available through AIA’s website after this event, as are many other wonderfully informative presentations.

Tanya Tull, President/CEO, Partnering for Change